About Basketball Legends Unblocked

Basketball Legends is probably the best flash game about basketball that you have ever played online. Even though that it is just a flash game, the graphics is just awesome, and the developers release updates all the time, with bug fixes, new players and new stadiums. As you might have notices, the game is called Basketball Legends, this means that you will be supposed to choose the most popular NBA players and aim to win the tournament. Even though that there are a lot of such games available today on the internet, I swear that this one stands above the crowd.

In Basketball Legends Unblocked your primary mission is to win the match by all means. This can be easily done if you score more points than your opponent. Here, the typical rules of the basketball take place - if you kick the ball from the enemy-s half - you get 2 points, if not - 3 points. As you progress, the opponents are becoming more and more difficult. Another feature of the game which is just awesome is ability to play with your friend from the same PC. The multiplayer mode is created so that you can play it with your friend from the same computer and have a lot of fun. Hope you will enjoy it.


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